27 (updated)

It’s crazy how time flies. It’s been more than a year since my surgery.  Even more, next year in January I’m going to reach a new milestone in my life having lived abroad for more than a year.

I can comfortably say that leaving Hungary was one of the best decisions in my life. Saying fuck off to my comfort zone. Doing things I never could have imagined doing…

Like I climbed Cerro Manquehue in Santiago, Chile, and for the first time ever I saw the Pacific Ocean in my life. I met lots of new people. Formed new habits, broke old ones, saw new cultures, started to go on salsa classes… Seeing a banana as big as my forearm? Not that surprised anymore. Or arguing in Spanish because of a parking ticket? No problem bro just call me Martín.

And honestly, I think I’m a bit homesick. That, or I need to keep moving and find new adventures elsewhere. I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia or something more. Time will tell. 

But back to the topic. Naturally one thing hasn’t changed. And that is my perspective after waking up last October after my surgery. Of how lucky I am. It could have been much-much worse, you know.

I imagined this shit happening to one of your family members, my girlfriend, or my close friends… The fuck could I do? This way I was not only an emotional support, I was the captain. I was in control. Controlled my feelings, my mind, my perspective. I didn’t give up, didn’t make bad decisions, and I like to believe I didn’t choose the wrong path. But this shit is/was fucking hard, man… This silent battle inside of me is still undecided. Sometimes it’s just negotiations, but other times I need to go to war. Against myself.

Anyways, I keep seeing number 27 everywhere. My hotel rooms, airbnbs. The buses near me, license plates. Time, the duration of phone calls. In movies, series. And I was born on the 27th. In the 27th minute. 

I guess it must mean something. So I’m on the right path. But… Is there even such thing as the wrong path? Our path is our path whether is the right or the wrong one by some measures.

Back to me being a smartass, I sat down thinking back about all the things I learned since my surgery. I came up with some ideas. Exactly 27 ideas. So here we are. 

27 things I learned since 02.10.2020.

  1. It’s absolutely okay to do nothing. And ridiculously hard at first.
  2. Your mood and energies are contagious.
  3. You only have one mum. But you only have one dad as well.
  4. The most important person in your life should be you. And that is perfectly healthy.
  5. An honest smile disarms anyone.
  6. Everyone always tries their current best at any given moment.
  7. Breathe!
  8. Expectation leads to frustration and being fucking miserable.
  9. If the roots of your problems come from inside of you, it is foolish to run away. The further you run, the tougher it will be to face yourself. And one thing is certain – you can’t hide for too long from yourself.
  10. Move every day! Not only for your body, but for your hormones as well. Sometimes the reason behind a certain feeling is just a chemical reaction in the body.
  11. It’s easy to forgive when you realize you need to do it for yourself. To forget on the other hand… That’s when you learn to accept and live together with the pain.
  12. Feeling grateful is one of the strongest feelings in the world. It has the power to heal.
  13. If the tiniest things make you go mad for no reason, sit the fuck down, take a deep breath, and think about the real cause. 
  14. Say “FUCK YES” to the unknown sometimes. Be scared later.
  15. Time really is the most valuable asset. I like to refer to it as a currency. If you think about it, it really is a currency, isn’t it?
  16. Overthinking just paralyzes you.
  17. A joyful moment will soon be just a memory. So enjoy it.
  18. If you have a place to live, and you don’t need to check food prices, you are more than okay.
  19. You really are what you eat.
  20. Our body is a miracle. It regenerates like crazy. Adapts as well. Use it! Push it.
  21. A truly strong person doesn’t hide or runs away from their emotions.
  22. Don’t complain because you have unsolved problems. That’s a sign you’re making the moves.
  23. You could achieve so much more if you let yourself believe. When was the last time you did something to make progress in any areas of your life?
  24. Fear is a sneaky little shit. Actually, not. Because it has no smell. Oftentimes you don’t notice it until it has blocked everything in front of you.
  25. You have the superpower to heal yourself. Physical, mental, doesn’t matter. You can.
  26. Crying is good. And sometimes necessary.
  27. Mental health is the key to everything.

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